Tuesday, 27 June 2017

40K: Apostles of Contagion Characters

Ive completed three character models for my new force, and since i have a second set of them all i figured a couple of conversions were in order to add some of the different commander models but still using the great new plastics:

Typhus, Host of the Destroyer Hive (From the Lord of Contagion)

Noxious Blightbringer

Necrosis the Undying (From the Malignant Plaguecaster)

I will paint up stock, or close to stock, Lords of Contagion and Plaguecasters, the second Blightbringer i may turn into a unit champion for my other Plague Marine squad yet im just not sure,,,

Monday, 26 June 2017

Black Gate Miniatures: Go Go Mammoth Riders!!!

Black Gate's kickstarter i mentioned a couple of days ago has begun and is already passed its initial funding goal yeah!

As i type we are less than 140 pounds from unlocking the following stretch goal... A pack of two Heroes and two Shaman to lead our horde for 10 pounds:

When these are funded its only a short hop to the next goal of Mammoth Rider character models with these two available for 6 pounds each:

These are going to look amazing on the table!!!!

40K: Beginning the Apostles of Contagion

So im back into 40K with the 8th edition haha, and in addition to my existing Khorne Daemon force im planning to build on the Death Guard and Primaris starter armies that come in the box game.

First up will be my Nurgle, painted up as Apostles of Contagion as i dont yet have a scheme im happy with for the Imperial side. Here are the Plague Marines done:

I have picked up a second set of the Nurgle from a mate so am planning some conversions on squad members and characters to get some variation into my minis!

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Black Gate Miniatures: The time of the Mammoth is at hand

Following the completed shipping of the Ogre warriors, Armoured Warriors and Cannoneers back in April, Black Gate Miniatures are going back to kickstarter tomorrow to fund some rather furry additions to their line up!

Again Christian's concept art is spot on great, and Robi's sculpts from the infantry have been cracking so i know we are in for a treat!

The campaign will kick off tomorrow 26th June, and will run for 21 days till the 16th of July.

Funding starts at £500 for the Mammoth Riders which will cost 10 pounds per unit of three models, and most backers will be after two units to use in some existing game systems.

Stretch goals planned for the campaign include:

  • Infantry Character set of two Shaman and two Heroes
  • Mammoth Rider Hero
  • Mammoth Rider Shaman
  • And more!
The Ogre Infantry will all be available as add ons for 9 pounds each or four for 32 pounds!

More info tomorrow, including the art for those character stretch goals!

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Wasteman: Mega Mutie Mercs Launches!

The Mega Mutie Mercs kickstarter has now begun!

And as i type it has already funded haha so its all gravy stretch goals now boys and girls!

For those new and curious people, here is a scale guide from the campaign page with existing minis and some from other well known companies:

Best of luck Jason, its game time now haha

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Wasteman: The Knightly muster finishes

Yep ive blitzed these this evening and completed off the remaining Knights of Gnar minis:

Pugilistic Paladins

Fishy Feudalists


El Tenderino Pollo - Character backer model

Johnny Two-Cows - Character backer model

So now, sitting on my shelf are just 7 more Wasteman models... but its not that simple as 5 of them are proper massive!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

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